SPX Standard ANTENNA Rotators.

SPX offers a light duty up to a heavy duty Antenna Rotor System including controller.
Resolution starts with 1 degree for the Azimuth rotators, Azimuth & Elevation rotators 0.5 degree / step resolution.

SPX offers strong enough torque to break ice and rotate a large VHF/UHF antenna / dishes under strong wind loads and icy conditions.
The antenna mast-mount plate is as option available, standard supplied for mounting at a flat plate.

SPX offers Different model Standard Antenna rotators:

Type: SPX-361, Azimuth Rotor system, Light Duty (1 degree resolution)
Type: SPX-362, Azimuth Rotor system, Medium Duty (1 degree resolution)

Type: SPX-01, Azimuth & Elevation, Light Duty (0.5 degree resolution)
Type: SPX-02, Azimuth & Elevation, Medium Duty (0.5 degree resolution)
Type: SPX-03, Azimuth & Elevation, Heavy Duty (0.5 degree resolution)

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SPX-01 Azimuth & Elevation Rotor This rotor system is available in several…
€ 987,00
In stock
SPX-02 Azimuth & Elevation Rotor This rotor system is available in several…
€ 1.104,00
In stock
Elevation Rotor
SPX-03 Elevation Rotor SPX-03/EL is a Elevation rotor which can be mount on a…
€ 525,00
In stock
SPX-03 Azimuth & Elevation Rotor Heavy Duty Azimuth and Elevation Rotor.This rotor system is…
€ 1.485,00
In stock
SPX-361 Azimuth Rotor SPX-361 Azimuth Antenna Rotor is a Light Duty, low weight,…
€ 654,00
In stock
SPX-362 Azimuth Rotor SPX-362 Azimuth Antenna Rotor is a Medium Duty, low weight,…
€ 707,00
In stock

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