SPX-03 Azimuth & Elevation Rotor

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Product code SPX-03
Net weight 30,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 45 x 45 x 55 cm

Heavy Duty Azimuth and Elevation Rotor.

This rotor system is available in several Performances:

SPX-03, Standard version: AZ & EL rotation, Resolution 0.5 degree (P/N: SPX-03)

SPX-03/HR, High resolution version:
 AZ & EL rotation, Resolution 0.2 degree (P/N: SPX-03/HR)

The SPX-03 is a Heavy Duty solution to Rotate in Azimuth and Elevation your Antenna, Dish antenna , Astronomy Tele scope, Camera, Light Box and many more which must be rotated in 2 axes.
This Rotor is supplied including a Heavy Duty Mounting Antenna Bracket !
(To operate the SPX-03 with load >20Kg mounted on the bracket, you need to place a counter weight to unload the Elevation section)

Available Options:

Counter Weight support arms, model CWA-05. (Supplied excl. Counter weights ! )
#2 Heavy Duty Mast pole mounting Bracket , this bracket can be used to mount for example a Microwave Dish, model BR-20
Ethernet module to control your rotor system through TCP/IP in /HR series ! (P/N: SPID-ET)

More options available in the SPX-03 Specifications sheet [1.655 KB] in PDF formats

SPX-03 Standard Azimuth & Elevation Rotor System

SPX-03 Standard controller



This model is the standard version, supplied including SPX-03 rotor and:

#1 Flat mounting plate to be placed on base-plate
#2 Mounting arm which can be used to mount antenna's
#3 Standard Controller model Rot2Prog
#4 Resolution is 0.5 degree / step
#5 Integrated computer track interface (USB)
#6 Manual or computer control.
#7 Mouse supplied for easy manual control.
#8 Supplied incl. CD-Rom, USB cable, Mouse, Fast start guide, Build in track interface (USB)

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