BIG-RAK Azimuth Antenna rotor

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Product code SPID BIG-RAK
Net weight 14,00 Kg
Gross weight 18,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 25 x 32 x 39 cm

New model standard controller available @ RF HAMDESIGN. (MD-03)
This MD-03 will replace the Rot1Prog and Rot2Prog controllers in near future.
(Standard controllers are still available, but will be sold out soon)
Advantage of the new MD03 controller is: You can control 2 rotators simultaneously with 1 controller, remote controler by use of the new ethernet module, firmware update, add new modules in future, etc.
Optional: PS-03 Power supply fits to MD-03


This SPID BIG-RAK Azimuth Rotator is a heavy duty antenna rotator
 in the same general class as the M2 Orion 2800, Emoto 1300, Emoto 1800 but with advanced digital features.

Mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum by utilizing a double worm gear drive system. Position readout is sensed by a magnetic reed switch and has high accuracy pointing - 0.5 degree resolution !!
It;s able to take large antenna on top of rotator without extra support bearing.

This SPID BIG-RAK AZ Rotator will handle MonstIR by SteppIR !!!

BIG AZ Rotator


This BIG-RAK AZ Rotator is easy to mount, will handle MonstIR by SteppIR !!!
Braking is very quite using double worm gear
You can turn your antenna 360 degree + and - 180 degree, able to pass coax thru the centre of rotator and using non chell mount.

You don't need high power voltage.
Low D.C. Voltage to rotator (Max 18 Volt)
Available power supplies page

Also no special wiring, long cable runs OK.
No fixed mount direction, settable North or South

Rotating torque is in the 2800 to over 4095 lb-inch range, with between 12 and 18 volts DC to the motor. The 18 volt measured torque is 3600 lb-inches (403 Newton meters). This is significantly more than any other rotator in the same price range, and even higher than other rotators costing nearly twice as much (M2 Orion 2800, Emoto 1300, Emoto 1800).

Specifications Torque at:

* 12Volts 2800 lb in (315Nm)
* 18Volts 3600 lb in (403Nm)

* Weight of rotator: 12kG

This BIG-RAK Azimuth rotator can be mounted at max. 68mm (2,6inch) mast tube (top and bottum). Available is a adaptor for mounting on a base plate in a head mast unit.


The SPID BIG-RAK AZ Rotator has 0.5 degree positioning accuracy, Coax can pass through center of rotator - prevents cable damage, Low voltage - high torque DC gear head motor.

Download Specifications SPID BIG-RAK [762 KB] in PDF Formats


BIG AZ Digital Controller (Type Rot1Prog)



Futures of the 
SPID controllers which comes with each rotator:

Manual, Automatic, Scanning, and Programmable modes
* Digital readout with 0.5 degree resolution
* Large easy to read soft green LED display
* Computer interface via included USB cable, including Hygain, Yaesu and Orion emulation modes.


Control panel


*The BIG-RAK AZ Rotator needs an external power supply of 12... 18V DC. MAX !
Available power supplies page
* Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or antenna mount slippage andadjustable calibration without reset.
Generous overtravel (+/-180) with electronic limits Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications
Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space
* Incl deliverd: Build in track interface (USB), mouse control with 6 user programmable presets


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