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Upgrade set /HR rotors

€ 359,00 (including VAT 21%)
In stock - Delivery 2 business days
Product code HR-UPG/2
Net weight 1,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 32 x 23 x 8 cm

Upgrade set /HR rotors for models before 2021 ! **

For existing /HR (High Resolution) rotor users:
(juction box rotor with MIC Connectors)

Upgrade set new pulse count electronics + IP-68 Connector set.

New Pulse count pulse electronics are built in and new water proof connectors are used (IP-68)
This kit replaces the entire current pulse count and sensors.

Easy to replace, no need to disassemble the rotor from your tower

Upgrade Kit is supplied incl:

* 1 x Waterproof box incl IP-68 connectors and new pulse count electronincs, 1:1 ready to replace.
* 2 x Sensor, 1 x Azimuth and 1 x Elevation incl mounted IP-68 connectors (7-PIN)
* 1 x 9-PIN Sensor cable connector IP-68 (this connector will replace your current MIC-8 control cable connector)

Price EUR 225,- (Export price EUR 185.95)

** This KIT can be used for model rotor:

* On request available for SPID BIG-RAK/HR

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